If you have been an ardent Magic player in your college days but somehow have missed the game for some good time, and have now decided to get back to it again, here are some important tips that can help you. Go through them to get back your old Magic zeal

1. Buy the right cards: It is most expected that in the span when you was away from the game a few more type of cards have been introduced, and they are sure to puzzle you at the first glance. Hence, make sure the expansion deck you would like to play, before you buy magic the gathering cards.

2. Do some homework: Yes you surely know the general rules of the game, but Magic changes from edition to edition; hence you need to go through the latest cards in play and brush up your old knowledge while adding some new to it. Many new terms also keep on adding with Magic, hence for players getting back to the game after some good lapse of time, becoming familiar with the latest terminologies of the game is vital, check this good MTG card prices.

3. Opt for a coach: You are most likely to have that one friend who never actually quitted playing the game; and having him/her as your coach can be the best thing to enhance your current Magic playing skills. He/she can also guide you on how to buy magic the gathering cards. In most of the cases, your friend will be glad to share his/her hobby with you. So, become a true disciple and let him/her guide you through the process of winning a match.

4. Practice, practice and more practice: Playing practice sessions on your own, as well as with others can be the best thing to get your skills of Magic playing back. Regular playing, for more than 3 times, can actually help you to understand the tricks of the game and will also help to build your confidence about your playing skills. Click here if you are looking for great magic the gathering card sleeves.

5. Remember the winning deck: There is only one equation in Magic, 24+24+12 =60. Your deck should include 24 land cards, along with 24 creature cards and 12 spell cards for damaging the cards of your opponent. Hence, track the lines as you go to end up with this magic combination; and once you are able to do that efficiently; you have got the skills you need. 

The above five are the tips that can actually help you to win a tournament of Magic, even if you are getting back to it after a long gap. So, thy these tips next time you play the game and win more as you play more with one of the most loved games in the world.